New Xiaomi Power Bank 10000mah

৳ 15.00

* Brand: Xiaomi
* Power bank
* Capacity: 10000 mAh
* Battery: Lithium- ion


Description brought new Xiaomi Power Bank 10000 mah in its store from renowned supplier. Xiaomi brand 10000 mah power bank is very similar to its old version of 10400 mah power bank that was launched last year.

This has the same brushed aluminium finish on the outside, similar to the other Mi Power banks. The energy density is increased by 30% and the volume decrease by 21.4% compared to it’s old power bank, says Xiaomi.


xiaomi power bank 10000 mah


It is just 60.4mm wide and weighs just 207 grams, compared to the 10400mAh power bank that is 77mm wide and weighs 250 grams.

It has a power button, battery level indicator LEDs, micro USB slot for charging the power bank and a standard USB slot for output.

It offers 5.1V / 2.1A output. The batteries inside manufactured by LG or Panasonic that offers energy density of 735 Wh/L. It says that the conversion rate of the power bank is 93%.


xiaomi power bank 10000 mah

The new 10000mAh Mi Power Bank comes in red, silver and champagne colors.

This product shipped to Bangladesh only.


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